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Mission Statement
To uplift a generation of Young African-American Same Gender Loving Males in Nashville through professional & personal development while also providing HIV/AIDS prevention outreach, education and awareness to youth between the ages of 13-24.

To empower, inspire, and educate African-American Same Gender Loving Youth by providing them with a safe space to discuss issues, as well as serve as advocates, peer educators and mentors:

that helps to promote physical, spiritual and mental well-being.
to help maintain and insure the development of a productive and visionary adult males.

Is to one day be able to offer our young African American and other Same Gender Loving Youth Of Color a safe, culturally sensitive and non-threatening environment as well as access to:

HIV/AIDS Education
Rap Groups & Social Activities
• Safer Sex Workshops

HIV Counseling & Testing
Skills Building Courses

• Sexuality & Religion Empowerment

Recreational Programs

Capacity Building Training
Career Counseling

Networking opportunities with other SGL Youth Groups across the country
Shelter, Legal & Medical referrals

I pledge and will do all I can to be reminded that I am one of the most important men in the world. I have dreams to fulfill and goals to accomplish; therefore, I must keep my body healthy, and join the fight to keep our young African American men strong. Therefore I do promise to, regardless of current HIV status:

1. Always apply one or more of the risk reduction options if I engage in anal and oral sex.
Encourage those whom I associate with to have protected intercourse.
3. To live my life in such a way that I would be able to mentor and counsel other young AAMSM.

To always be known as a man of purpose and vision.
. To hold my brothers accountable to their actions in any surroundings.
To have myself tested at least three (3) times a year for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) a/o adhere to my medication regiments if required.
To be conscious of my alcohol/drug intake so that if in times of decisions the right choice will be made.
To become more active in the community and promote responsible public advocacy regarding sexuality and HIV/AIDS
To participate in no less than 40 % of local Y-BU or Brothers United outreach events, forums and educational workshops.
To support both the local and statewide BU efforts to uplift and maintain healthy, productive, and visionary same gender loving men.

Men 25 & younger contact Y-BU Peer Coordinator, DaShawn Usher, at 615 259-4866 ext # 221 or by e-mail: or

Men 26 & older contact BU Coordinator, Dwayne Jenkins at 615 259-4866 ext # 269 or by e-mail:


Contact Info
DaShawn Usher, Young Brothers United Program

Nashville Cares
501 Brick Church Park Drive
Nashville, TN 37207

Phone: 615.259.4866 (x. 221)
Toll-Free 1.800.845.4266
Fax: 615.259.4849
Email: or
Young Bu Myspace:

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