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Mission Statement
To mobilize a strong, positive, and self-assuring Same Gender Loving African American communtiy in the city of Memphis.  To develop a nurturing environment and extended family structure that will allow individuals to express themselves openly and freely through programs concentrating on health education & outreach, literature and the Arts

Brothers United Memphis was the brainchild of a unique individual. Anthony H. originally contacted the Nashville Coordinator to get more information about the Books Brothers Reading list through the referral of another Brothers United Nashville volunteer. After a long and colorful phone conversation, the Memphis chapter was on its way. Although this group affiliates with other empowering groups such as Ororo Cross Roads, the Brothers United Memphis chapter is ready and willing to make a difference.

After many successful events under his belt, Hardaway, otherwise known as "First Lady" or Lady Bug, noticed the overall community BU Memphis served had a greater need and hunger for something. To reach that larger portion and tap into this unmet need, First Lady Hardaway founded the Memphis Same Gender Loving Alliance of Color (MSGLAOC).

The MSGLAOC not only reaches Gay and Bisexual brothas, but the lesbian, transgender and heterosexual allies that have presently become aware, concerned, and supportive of our internal and external struggles. The concept of having a safe haven / village was the independent brainchild, birthed and burped into reality by the First Lady. It came from his personal search of self-actualization and affirmation as a Black SGL man of the south. Collecting material and other paraphernalia of our Black Gay/SGL history became a hobby while traveling as an actor. Becoming connected to the BU Network of TN in 1997 sparked an interest, not only individually, but also on a nationwide level. He realized that all of the material he was collecting would not only educate the brothas in TN, but could eventually become the empowerment epicenter for the southern region. Volunteering at the MSGLAOC is the same as being an active BU of Memphis member.


Contact Info
Anthony H.
Memphis, TN



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