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The Brothers United Network is a collective of African American Gay/SGL Men that seek to provide community empowerment and self actualization through its individual BU Chapters in Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Knoxville, and West TN. The BU Network is the only Black Gay owned and volunteer based 501c3 Non Profit organization in the state. The organization strives to provide continuous psychosocial, life coaching, affirming pastoral care, and healthy social supports to the African American LGBT community to enhance their life. The network also supplies an empowerment structure for personal growth, community building and positive self actualization through the efforts of the statewide BU chapters, as well as the Young Brothers United, Sisters United and Nashville Black Pride groups.

The BU Network is autonomous from, yet complementary to, Nashville CARES BU/YBU programs in that all of the activities provide in-depth, longer term life skills required for success outside of, but essential to, HIV prevention and education.

Brothers United Network, Inc., PO Box # 68335, Nashville TN 37206

Dwayne Jenkins is the primary contact for all BU programs and events.

The Brothers United & Young BU HIV Preventions Programs at Nashville CARES

Organization Overview
Brothers United Nashville was established in April of 1996. The HIV prevention program of the same name was also started in '96 at Nashville CARES, the largest & oldest AIDS Service organization in the state. Within two years, four additional statewide chapters were developed and the BU Network Organization was incorporated by 1998. Brothers United received its tax exempt 501c3 nonprofit status in 2003, and is currently the only Black Gay owned and operated organization of its kind in the state.

Each of our chapters in Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and West, TN are social groups, and Nashville is the only chapter that is grant funded at this time. A majority of the non HIV related business is graciously done through the BU office at Nashville CARES. BU doesn't have members, but has volunteers for each of the chapters. Nashville has Brothers United group for men over 26, a Young Brothers United group for guys 25 and younger, and just recently helped to form Sisters United, a diverse group for Black Lesbians of all ages.

Along with the statewide chapters, and groups for youth and lesbians, Brothers United also owns the rights to Nashville Black Pride, the cities official weekend celebration for Same Gender Loving (SGL) or Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender African American (LGBT) and other People of Color. We are proud members of the International Federation of Black Prides organization, which embodies over 20 cities around the country including DC, Atlanta, South Africa and Toronto. Currently BUN has about 50 active volunteers per year, maintains an e-mail list of about 400+ individuals, and publishes a quarterly newsletter entitled The SOURCE 2006 with over 400 subscribers. E-mails are blinded copied and all mail is in regular envelops. Each issue has a readership of over 800 households nationally and keeps readers updated on local and national events, as well as news and other information that is specific to the African American Same Gender Loving community in our state. Subscriptions to both are free for Nashville & Middle TN residents. If you live out of state, subscriptions for the newsletter are just $10. If you'd like to receive a hard copy of our quarterly newsletter, please forward us your PO Box or home address. Any of your information that you give us is confidential and not shared with anyone.

Mission Statement
To provide HIV/AIDS Prevention outreach and education to Gay and Bisexual Men of Color in Nashville, and Middle Tennessee, as well as to promote self-empowerment and community building.

About Brothers United
Brothers United has become the only grant funded education program of its kind. The mission is to provide HIV prevention education to gay and bisexual men of color as well as to promote self empowerment and community building. Volunteers serve as peer edcators providing individual and group eeducation in a variety of settings. The groups also works as advocates to bring visibility to the needs of gay and bisexual men of color infected with or affected by HIV.

Education Topics


Workshops and Discussion Groups
The programs at CARES provide free and confidential HIV oral swab testing known as OraSure. There are no blood or needles used and results generally return in just a few days.

Quarterly workshops provide education on HIV prevention and discussion on various topics of interest to gay and bisexual men of color. Monthly volunteer meetings allow members of Brothers United to review activities, discuss new opportunities for HIV prevention work, and explore ways to make the group more visible within the Gay community and the African American community.

Newsletters-THE SOURCE

Books Brothers
Our Books Brothers Book Club Group was established in September of 1997. This nationally known and recognized collective of men enjoyed years of discussions and featured in Black Book Magazine,, and other websites specific to clubs. Currently the group is on hiatus, but due to popular demand, we continue to provide a suggested reading list for our loyal fan base & following.

1997 to Current BOOK LIST click here to enter

The Volunteer Program
The Brothers United Program is open to anyone interested in assisting in the provision of HIV education to Gay Men of Color.

Men on Filmz
Brothers United began showing films in 1999 as an alternate venue for men to gather in a non-club atmosphere. Our early screenings included films that were exclusive to our area, along with appearances from the films producers and actors. With time, growth, and a new influx of Black LGBT films, Brothers United now sponsors an annual Black Gay Film Fest during Nashville Black Pride at the historic Belcourt Theater. Check out what we've shown over the years:

Listing of Men On Filmz Presentation, 1999-Present

Dwayne Jenkins is the primary contact for all BU programs and events.


Contact Info
Dwayne Jenkins, Brothers United Coordinator
501 Brick Church Park Drive
Nashville, TN 37207

Phone: 615.259.4866 (x. 269)
Toll-Free 1.800.845.4849
Fax: 615.259.4849

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