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Her Story
In 1997 the BU program coordinator and the owner of a popular lesbian based pageant production company met for the first time during the cities annual Pride celebration. In 1998-9, a few attempts were made to start a Black Women's group by the two with no success. In 2005, the attempt to form the group happened again. It included the same person who originally tried to spear head the movement from 1997, along with four other females who had similar aspirations of a group. After a successful Lesbian themed movie night sponsored by BU, the first official business meeting took place in which 16 women attended to chartered the group. The women choose the name Sisters United, and the rest is herstory!

The Cares Connection
In April of 1996, the Brothers United program at Nashville CARES was developed to address the HIV/AIDS Prevention needs of Black Gay Men in Middle Tennessee. In 1997 four statewide chapters were developed and the BU Network Organization was established. In 2000 the YBU Program began their outreach projects for young men under 26 and in 2005 the Sisters United group came together to help reach the underserved population of Black Lesbians in the city. Each individual effort builds hope, trust & strength within Nashville's SGL community.

To promote self empowerment and community building for Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Women of Color in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

To create a platform for Lesbian Women of Color to gather information, voice & advocate needs, receive referral and support services, as well as to promote health education awareness.

To socialize and network in a safe, culturally sensitive environment to empower & inspire Lesbian Women to grow as individuals while uniting to build a stronger community.

Sisters Statement
Sisters United is a groundbreaking collective of diverse Black Lesbian and Bisexual women of different shapes, sizes, shades and ages. Some are studs and others are femme, while others take on no definition. Some are students, mothers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals. Some are passionate, while others are laidback. Even though the education and income levels may vary, each brings a variety of talents, energy, experience, and uniqueness that fosters understanding & unity. Participation in the group is voluntary, but the building and nurturing of our sisterhood is the price of our survival.

Sisters United is supported by the Brothers United & Young Brothers United Programs at Nashville CARES and is the official sister group of Brothers United Network, Inc. Look out for future projects from "BASU", Brothers and Sisters United.



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