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Mission Statement
(B.U.K) Serves the need of same loving gender sex, by providing them advocacy, information, resources, and confidential support. Our goal is to help the same gender loving sex become happy, successful, confident, and vital gay, lesbian and bisexual adults.

The members of (B.U.K) have a great reputation in providing outreach and support within their community, and becoming advocates to let our same gender loving sex know that they're not alone, by helping them find local resources of friendship and support. You will find that quality will show in everything that we do and stand for. The brothers of (B.U.K) are trustworthy, understanding, and most of all we have love for one another as our heavenly father has commended us to do. We also carry our mission through out the year. We want to help build strong relationships for those that are in need, or simply wanting to meet new friends. The brothers of (B.U.K) truly hold the key to the gateway of the city.

Chapter History
Keith C. and the Brother United Nashville Coordinator met at a Tennessee Community Planning Group Meeting for HIV Prevention. At the time, Keith was working for AIDS Response Knoxville as a Program Coordinator. He was very interested in the techniques used in Nashville that targeted the Black Gay Community. Through this friendship, both agencies then developed a link through a retreat created by Keith call UBU & Score (Smart Confident Optimistic Romantic Erotic). Members from Nashville attended this retreat, thus beginning this the Knoxville chapters concentration and dedication within our statewide effort.

Through out the years after Keith & his partner relocated, the BUK brothers managed to stay together and continue to grow and serve the city of Knoxville, and surrounding areas. Michael is now serving as our president and under his leadership we are hoping to grow even larger. We welcome any old and new brothers of Knoxville to come and be apart of a winning team that's fighting for one cause.

2006-2007 Officers
Mike B., President
LaRico G., Vice President
Claxyton M., Tresurer
Marquez R., Recording Secretary


Contact Info
Knoxville, TN

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